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Even if you hate asking for money or work with people that do. We have the system, tools, and templates to help you raise the money you need.


You know you won't hit your fundraising goals without Major Gifts

But there is a problem...

  What your doing isn’t working

  You don’t like fundraising

  Your Board isn’t doing their part

  You can’t afford $7,500 for training

We know how you feel! We have been there. Major Gifts Made Simple has helped hundreds of organizations raise more money, raise it faster, and have a lot more fun (and CONFIDENCE) along the way so you can spend less time worrying about money and more time changing the world.

We are on a mission to make Major Gifts accessible to all

With a simple system, the right tools, and a process that works you can go raise your first $50,000 or your next $50m. And do so with confidence.


We know how you feel

Unless you have done this work. You simply don’t get it. This work is hard. But it can be simple, exciting, and game changing.

“I didn’t always love fundraising. In fact, I hated it, despised it. Worst part of the job....Robb’s system and coaching changed everything. Now we are on track to raise $2.8m.” - Wisdom Amouzou, Co-Founder Empower High School and The Hada Nou Collective

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What people are saying

"Before Robb, we were really struggling to increase big gifts. Robb’s coaching and advice is tremendously valuable as we forge new partnerships and strengthen existing partnerships. He consistently helps us to communicate with partners in ways that honor their support, articulate the power of our vision effectively, and create meaningful ways for partners to feel their impact. As a result of Robb’s consistent coaching we have been able to methodically and repeatedly grow significant partnerships and reach the next level of impact as an organization. Thank you, Robb!"

Eric Glustrom, CEO and Founder
Watson Institute

"The training and coaching was really transformational for me as a leader. We now have common language and frameworks that make sense to us because Robb took the time to customize these tools with us to meet my needs as a leader, the needs of my team, and the organization that we work for. My team is now reporting increased satisfaction in their roles, feelings of empowerment and clarity, and as a result I now have more time to dedicate to raising more money, instead of navigating internal conflict. Perhaps the most powerful part of our experience is that the 7 members on my team are now more valuable employees to our organization and they all now have stronger leadership skills to bring into the non-profit sector – as they all grow in their own careers."

Chrissey Buckley, Vice President of Development
Raise the Future

"I started working with Robb after several years trying to raise dollars but with very little to show for it. Robb's approach, coaching, and his superpower of finding just the right words have been completely game changing. His approach is also (very importantly) values aligned with our organization: it's not about competing, pitching, or selling yourself...it's about developing real human relationships. We've now raised millions of dollars, and I can definitively say that we wouldn't be where we are today as an organization without his coaching and support...in fact, we likely wouldn't even still be around. Deciding to work with Robb was an extremely smart investment of the few dollars we had back in the early days. We obviously still had to put in the work (you can't outsource personal relationships), but Robb's insight and coaching made the difference."

Nathan Pai Schmitt, Executive Director
The HadaNõu Collective