5 Techniques To Raise More Money Now

We know how hard this work can be.  That is why we created this free 35-minute mini-course so you can know what the best fundraisers in the world know.  

5 Techniques anyone can do

Fundraising is hard work.  Don't make it harder than it needs to be.  To make it simple this course includes: 

  • Expert tips and phrases 
  • An easy to use Checklist
  • Notes and examples from our Founder

We know that most people didn't grow up wanting to be a fundraiser.  You do this because you want to change the world.  

Thank you for what you do and enjoy this free minicourse.  


"I started working with Robb after several years trying to raise dollars but with very little to show for it. Robb's approach, coaching, and his superpower of finding just the right words have been completely game changing. His approach is also (very importantly) values aligned with our organization: it's not about competing, pitching, or selling's about developing real human relationships. We've now raised millions of dollars, and I can definitively say that we wouldn't be where we are today as an organization without his coaching and fact, we likely wouldn't even still be around. Deciding to work with Robb was an extremely smart investment of the few dollars we had back in the early days. We obviously still had to put in the work (you can't outsource personal relationships), but Robb's insight and coaching made the difference."

Nathan Pai Schmitt, Executive Director
The HadaNõu Collective

Our Founder

Having personally raised over $160 million, coached another $500 million plus Robb has become the coach for startups, universities, and global organizations. Raised in a small town in Colorado Robb’s dad had a simple phrase “whatever you do, be goodly”. For Robb that took him into the nonprofit sector where he quickly found out the greatest obstacle is money.

Robb has raised money in everyway you can imagine from workplace campaigns through United Way, major events through the National Multiple Sclerosis society (that included a $7million dollar walk and a $2million dollar auction), and community wide dining events through Project Angel Heart. Robb was part of a college Major Gifts Team and took a year to launch a social impact startup.

Yet, no matter the organization the same scenario always played out. 95% of the revenue would come from 5% of the people giving. One truth became clear Major Gifts will make or break the best ideas and the best people.

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