It's a Grind

coaching tip Apr 02, 2022

During one of my trainings, I heard one of the greatest lines.  It was on the last day of training and I was going around the room asking people for their big takeaways.  I finally came to the person that had been the most reserved during the entire training.  When I asked "Did you have any takeaways you want to share?" they paused and looked at me with complete confidence saying "I finally get it.  I always hear people talk about how much money they have raised and didn't think I could ever do that.  What I am hearing from you is that the GLORY IS IN THE GRIND.  I know how to grind with the best of them.  I can do this!" 

This work is hard.  The true magic comes in the grind.  Looking for prospects, drafting emails, making phone calls, preparing for visits, and a whole lot of follow-up.  The GLORY IS IN THE GRIND.

This is for all those that are willing to Grind it out.  You are not alone.  If there is something keeping you from doing the work or seeing the results of your work.  Let me know.  We can help.   The GLORY IS IN THE GRIND.