Why am I Scared to Ask?

coaching tip Mar 08, 2022

This work is hard.  Sometimes ruthlessly hard.  But if the impact of our organization is important enough it is worth the effort.

One of the hardest dynamics is sitting with someone and actually asking them to support your impact.  To sit with someone and actually ask for their gift.

We see this with every fundraiser we work with.  90% plus of fundraisers don't like asking.  If you are one of them take the time to name why you don't like asking. 

More importantly.  Name the fear.  You have to name it to know it.  And, once you know it you can master it.  To this day I still get nervous to ask but I no longer fear the ask because I have named my fear and have mastered it.

Here is a little fact for you. I have yet to meet a good fundraiser that wasn't nervous, scared, tense, etc. when asking.  And, the great fundraisers know it, own it, and use it to their advantage.

This work is hard.  If it feels hard at times just know you are not alone.  Take the time to know why.  It truly helps.

Knowing how you feel,

Robb and the MGMS team